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Why Foundations Collapse

Foundation Collapse

A collapsed foundation wall is a severe and expensive problem that can occur in homes and commercial properties.

Over time, foundations become less reliable and sturdy due to weather conditions, weak building materials, and inadequate labor techniques. These factors can lead to foundation cracks, bowing foundation, and other structural issues. However, a collapsed foundation is the most severe and expensive foundation problem that can occur. This major issue can cause your house to become inhabitable.

One of the leading causes of a collapsed foundation wall is due to hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure occurs when there is excessive water in the ground surrounding your home. This excess water collects around your foundation and tries to expand into the space your foundation walls have already occupied. Although the concrete block or poured concrete foundation walls are strong, the hydrostatic pressure still causes the walls to become bowed, form cracks, or completely collapse. Foundation Assure will cover a collapsed foundation wall’s repair costs under our Foundation Warranty due to hydrostatic pressure.

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According to the Foundation Assure warranty:

  • Foundation: the lowest above the footing load-bearing part of a building, typically below ground level of the structure.
  • Collapse, cave-in, or subside: all or part of a foundation wall has given way or fall to pieces.

Types of Foundation

Foundation Replacement

Concrete / Cinder Block

  • A popular foundation type in homes built before the 1990s is the concrete block. The blocks are made from poured concrete and then stacked on top of each other to create a foundation wall. This foundation is more prone to bowing, buckled, and foundation walls because poor construction leads to more prominent foundation flaws.


  • Poured foundations are generally more solid and secure compared to concrete blocks. Concrete trucks release the prepared mix and pour it into the foundation forms. However, poor labor techniques can cause hollow spots in the poured foundation walls.

If installed correctly, the two main types of foundation building materials - concrete block and poured concrete - can build sturdy, reliable foundation walls. However, these materials can become weak and less reliable over time, leading to significant foundation wall problems.

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How Will a Foundation Collapse Affect You?

A residential foundation collapse will make your home an unlivable situation. Your home’s foundation is crucial because it supports the rest of the integral structural components, including floor joists and main beams. A collapsed foundation wall will not support the rest of your home and require immediate evacuation and necessary repairs. The faulty foundation wall can cost tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket unless protected under Foundation Assure Foundation Warranty.

Purchase Foundation Warranty today to be protected and prepared in case of a collapsed foundation wall.

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